For the past 12 years Home (LES),work (Bowery/East Village) and studio (Hell’s Kitchen) have acted as anchor points providing me in which a community to grow. By observing the rapid pace of development from the rooftops of these three locations, it became clear that this new skyline, both physically and psychologically, would soon overshadow the existing community.

Constructed out of cement, a footprint representing a building from each location sits one inside the other on the gallery floor. A wall of black debris netting sections off the footprints from the pedestrian walkway acting as a protective barrier to these spaces as well as, a screen for viewers to contemplate which position they represent. “Looking west” from the rooftop of each of the three locations are images of the developing skyline joined together to become one continuous panorama. Using these images as a reference point, they are translated into a single drawn line to form a ‘new’ revised skyline on the wall. The viewer is placed in a moment in time where the past is symbolically represented (outlined) and the future is in the process of being charted.